International Matters

The UK still remains one of the most popular locations for inward investment in Europe.

A favourable business environment coupled with lower tax rates, has attracted many overseas businesses to the UK. However, when setting up a business in the UK it is important to consider the accounting, tax and legal system.

We have particular expertise in advising on suitable structures for investment in the UK to optimise the tax planning opportunities. This is relevant for those starting up a UK business for the first time, or establishing a branch or subsidiary of overseas activities.


We can assist with:

Comparing benefits of various trading entities;

● Setting up the trading entity;

● Bookkeeping and accounting;

● Domestic tax advice;

● International tax planning; and

● Bespoke strategic advice.

residence and domicile

A business may decide upon overseas expansion to take advantage of international markets and potential growth.

However, international operations present a host of new tax considerations and responsibilities and it is therefore vital to do the research before undertaking a significant commitment to expanding overseas.

Our knowledge of cross border transactions and our network of professional partners in many jurisdictions allow us to provide bespoke international tax advice.

We advise clients on:

Tax efficient ownership structures;

● Extraction and return of profits to the UK;

● Local tax issues, VAT or equivalent and withholding taxes;

● Implications of Controlled Foreign Companies legislation; and

● The impact of Double Tax Treaties.

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