Capital Gains Tax

capital gains tax

Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) is chargeable on gains arising from the sale or disposal of assets by individuals, trustees and personal representatives.

Individuals resident in the UK are liable to CGT on worldwide gains, unless they are not domiciled in the UK, in which case they may be able to take advantage of the Remittance Basis.

It is important to seek professional advice as often CGT liabilities can be deferred, mitigated or even avoided with appropriate planning.

TFO Tax can advise on all matters of capital gains tax, including:

● calculation of capital gains and losses;

● the various reliefs that may be available to mitigate any charge to CGT;

● implications of becoming UK resident or non UK resident;

● Anti-avoidance rules of becoming UK resident after a period of absence;

● Annual Residential Property and Tax on Enveloped Dwellings advice;

● Non Resident CGT; and

● Appropriate planning strategies. 

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